What is a roller blind?

If you’re looking to buy blinds in Adelaide but aren’t sure what’s what, here’s some information that will help set you on track! Roller blind facts … Roller blinds [...]

Buying roller blinds in Adelaide

You’ve decided on the sleek modern look of roller blinds for your Adelaide home. You love their simplicity and understated good looks, but is a roller blind simply a roller blind? Follow [...]

For the Love of Linen

There is no doubting that linen is a gorgeous natural fibre. From clothing to curtains, linen has a unique swagger that just can’t be mistaken! One of my favourite fabrics to make curtains [...]

Plantation shutters Adelaide

Plantation shutters in Adelaide are everywhere! As a style savvy individual such as yourself, I hear you ask why (well … I’m sure you’d love to know!) Plantation shutters are [...]

Say NO to noise!

Open plan living brings the family together, but what if your family sounds like a herd of elephants during a stampede? Here are some ideas to help you get some peace! Absorb some style [...]

How to select the right blinds

When you get close to the end of a renovation or building project, the last thing you feel like doing is making yet another selection. Although the choice of window furnishings is just as [...]

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