2013 trends … for the love of linen
Warwick Terrain

There is no doubting that linen is a gorgeous natural fibre. From clothing to curtains, linen has a unique swagger that just can’t be mistaken!

One of my favourite fabrics to make curtains from is … you guessed it … linen. The reasons are simple, and if you someone who frequents homeware magazines, you’ll soon realise why. Linen has a natural lure that makes you feel good. In drapery fabric it has a weight that allows it to fall effortlessly. It can take on a formal appearance or be casual and carefree. It feels soft to the touch but is robust enough to last you for many years. Have I convinced you yet?

You might be saying,” I love linen but I don’t want my curtains to have that creased look of linen” (or you might be saying I love that … really up to you!) Put down your iron; you can have it all with linen without the crumple factor! There are a few key rules to follow when using linen in drapery:

  1. Be patient – If using 100% linen in curtains allow the curtains up to six weeks to hang before trying to remove creases. Warm weather will help the natural fibre to ‘relax’ and will look far better than if you try and iron or steam the creases out.
  2. Cocktails – There are many advantages to having a linen blend in drapery fabric. Blended linen fabrics are often more stable, are less likely to crease and will generally be more inexpensive than 100% linen fabrics.
  3. Dress code – Make sure you select the most appropriate curtain heading and fullness to achieve the formality you want. For more formal curtains select a triple pinch pleat with 2.5 time fullness. For a more casual look try a flat pleat or simple gather with two or less times fullness.
  4. Sheer delight – sheer linens are beautiful for curtains as they create a soft ‘dreamy’ look. You can add separate lining behind on a double curtain track to block light out for bedrooms.

Here are some of my favourite linen/linen look fabrics from some of my favourite suppliers:

  1. Terrain by Warwick Fabrics – a viscose linen blend
  2. Edo linen by Mokum – 100% linen
  3. Caracas by Charles Parsons Interiors – 100% polyester

Have I convinced you to get natural and adorn your windows with linen? You know you want to!!