Outdoor blinds Adelaide
Outside blinds Adelaide

Outdoor blinds in Adelaide are essential. There are many different styles of houses in Adelaide, so choosing the right style of outdoor blind to suit your home is as important as keeping it cool in summer!

Modern homes

Modern homes lend themselves to minimalistic styles and plain fabric colours. Exterior fabric companies have been diligent in keeping up with contemporary colours to compliment the latest trends in render, acrylic texture from Dulux and Colorbond steel. Try using an exterior sunscreen fabric such as Outlook on any of the following outdoor blind styles:

Traditional homes

More and more people are renovating traditional homes and adding a modern extension to accommodate family needs. When it comes to window furnishings, you can consider both traditional or modern to suit an older style home. Treating the front and rear of the home slightly differently can be a good idea to maintain the character of the home.

To maintain a more traditional style blind you may consider a striped canvas. There are a number of attractive striped designs currently available, so opt for these instead of the older multi-striped canvas! Consider these options for the front of your home:

  • Auto-guide blinds in black and white stripes
  • Auto-guide blinds in a two tone stripe
  • Straight drop blinds in neutral cream and beige stripe
  • Straight drop blinds in a single toned canvas

Retro and beyond!

Houses built from the 1950’s to the 1980’s are many and varied and can be found in most Adelaide suburbs. Many of these homes have been up-dated inside and out, so keep in mind what it is you are trying to achieve. If you have modernised the home, look at installing more modern outdoor blinds. If you have restored the home to it’s former glory, consider styles and colours most suited to the period the home was built. Many 1960’s and 1970’s built houses are relatively modern looking, so minimalistic style blinds and neutral colours suit these homes.

Whatever style home you have there is an outdoor blind to suit. By keeping sun from directly reaching your windows, your home will be much cooler … think of the energy savings for this summer!