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Custom fabric and wallpaper

Custom made fabrics and wallpaper here!

Custom designed & coloured fabrics and wallpaper from Rainsfords Adelaide through Sparkk … the secret …

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S fold curtains Adelaide

It’s curtains for South Australia!

So you’re thinking about curtains – South Australia is known for it’s large variety of …

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Roman blinds in Aldgate home

Buying roman blinds in Adelaide

If you’re looking to buy roman blinds, Adelaide is the place to offer a huge …

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Plantation shutters Adelaide

Insulate with plantation shutters

With Adelaide’s extreme temperatures it makes sense to select blinds and plantation shutters that will …

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Serene by Harlequin

2014 trends for blinds & curtains

Adelaide … I hope you’re ready for colourful curtains and blinds, because the 2014 trends …

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Balloons rug

Custom rugs – what’s your favourite colour?

If you’ve been searching for a floor rug but just can’t find the right colour, …

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Hamptons curtains and blinds Adelaide

Hamptons style for Adelaide curtains and blinds

If you love the look of Hampton styled homes, you can easily replicate the look …

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Solar power blinds Adelaide

Solar power – protect with blinds!

The Adelaide summer sun has a nasty habit of fading your flooring, furnishings and …

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Colourful curtains Mokum Adelaide

How to coordinate blind and paint colours

Are you confused about how to make your wall colour and blinds look good together?

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