Hands on ears

Say NO to noise!

Open plan living brings the family together, but what if your family sounds like a

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Curtains Adelaide Rainsfords

How to select curtains for a north-facing window

There are a number of important factors to consider when deciding on what type of

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How to select the right blinds

When you get close to the end of a renovation or building project, the last

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Hiphome Gala

2013 Trends – Pops of Colour

You would have had to be living under a rock to not notice that colour …

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Outside blinds Adelaide

Outdoor blinds Adelaide

Outdoor blinds in Adelaide are essential. There are many different styles of houses in Adelaide, …

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How to select plantation shutters in Adelaide

You’ve fallen in love with the look of plantation shutters. You see them in the …

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Hemptech Rings Sheer

Sustainable and sexy!

There is something about the lure of natural fibres. When you use the ‘real deal’ …

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Get Warm Windows Now!

Warmer Windows Means More Moola for Moi!

Did you know 18-20% of heat in your home is lost through your windows? This …

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Rainsfords knows how to keep warm in the Adelaide Hills!

Cold? During these wet Winter months it is the perfect time to find energy saving …

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