Custom rugs – what’s your favourite colour?
Balloons rug

If you’ve been searching for a floor rug but just can’t find the right colour, come to Rainsfords Adelaide to paint your way to the perfect rug!

We can custom colour the rug of your dreams in a vast range of styles and designs. Simply select the style you love, then we will help you select the colour palate you want from our huge colour range. A bit smaller, a bit larger? We can custom make the size too!

Our rugs are made from the best New Zealand wool and silk which feels like walking on the softest cloud! Composition aside, these rugs are made to perfection and can stand up to everyday living. Need a quote on the rug you desire? We can do this for you in a flash!

   Tahoe Zephyr rug   Ikat rug   Basento rug   Tiberius rug   Divaaudrey   Galaikat   Jasper Licorice   SangriaHusk   Serico Slate   Temple rug   Bolton rug   Savu rug   Bordeaux rug   Zagros rug