How to cool your home with outdoor blinds
Outdoor blinds Adelaide

If you find yourself turning the air conditioner down a notch to try to keep that sweat from dripping down the back of your legs, think again! You’ll be handing over hundreds of dollars each year to the electricity company by setting the temperature lower than 23 degrees celsius. The Adelaide summer can be brutal, so what can you do to keep your home cool?

The best plan of attack is to shade windows from the outside with professionally made

Classic traditional awnings transform this Kensington Gardens cottage.

outdoor blinds or awnings. By preventing the sun from directly heating the glass and radiating into the room, an 8-15 degree reduction in inside temperatures can be achieved. The money you’ll save on cooling cost will pay for your outdoor blinds or awnings in no time!

There are a number of different styles and fabrics to select from when considering outdoor blinds. Different styles have different applications and your Rainsfords consultant can advise you on which to select. Consider these blind styles for your windows;

  • Auto-guide awnings are practical, robust and  stylish. They are designed to go directly over windows, allow air-flow and have the ability to stop at any height.
  • Straight drop awnings are suitable for windows and pergolas. Minimalistic in design, these awnings are suited to modern or traditional homes.
  • Channel blinds are an excellent way to enclose an entertaining area or pergola. The aluminium channels keep the blinds taut and allow large openings to be covered.
  • Motorised blinds are the ultimate in convenience for exterior blinds. At the touch of a button you can control your blinds without having to battle with the summer sun!

The final decision to make with outdoor  blinds is which fabric to select. There are two main types that are commonly uses. With pro’s and con’s for both, you will need to consider the window you want to cover carefully.

Stylish black and white striped canvas looks smart on this Erindale home.

  • Canvas will block 100% of direct sun from reaching the window. For windows where sun is a big problem in summer time, this may be the best choice. The down side to canvas is it may darken the room too much during the day requiring lights to be switched on inside. The other issue is keeping canvas looking good. You will need to be diligent in keeping canvas free from bird droppings and dirt all year round.  Somerton canvas is an excellent canvas that comes in plain colours or traditional stripes.
  • Sunscreen fabric will block up to 95% of direct sun fromreaching your window. The benefits of sunscreen fabrics are they are easy to clean,

    Slick sunscreen fabric looks perfect on this modern St Georges home.

    resist fading and allow light to penetrate into the room. You still have to make sure you keep the fabric clean, but this is easy to do. Outlook is great sunscreen fabric that comes in plain colours or stripes. For more information on outdoor blinds and awnings contact us for a free measure and quote!