Meet our in-house SALA artist Felicity Ferris
Felicity Ferris Design Light of Friendship

Introducing Felicity Ferris, local Adelaide artist and part of the Rainsfords team! Many of you know Felicity as the lady behind the scenes at Rainsfords, but she is also an up and coming artist with a passion for colour and design. Felicity’s current collection ‘Refraction,’ a kaleidoscope of geometric art, is being exhibited at the new Adelaide Oval for the 2014 SALA Festival (South Australian Living Artists 1-21st of August).

Felicity Ferris   Felicity Ferris Dancing with Light   Felicity Ferris Design Celebration Lights

Felicity holds an inherent knowledge of how to elicit emotion through colour. Felicity has internalised the complex, beautiful and often subliminal relationship humans have with colour, and how that influences both emotions and state of mind (her psychology degree has certainly come in handy!)

Felicity’s current geometric collection is a celebration of colour and light, and a play on refractive light through both form and colour. No black has been used to honour the true composition of light itself. The result is a vibrant playful and modern collection.

Felicity Ferris Adelaide Oval   Felicity Ferris Design Adelaide Oval   Felicity Ferris Design Light of Friendship

All of Felicity’s works are oil on canvas (limited edition prints) and can be purchased framed or unframed (works featured above are approximately 750x750mm, professionally printed and framed to museum standards $799.00 each). For all inquiries please contact Rainsfords.