Pencil Pleat Curtains
Metro by Warwick Fabrics

Pencil pleat curtains look as they sound like pencils stacked in a row.

This type of pleating lends itself to more traditional styles and looks best in a sheer when there is more fullness in the curtain.

Perfect for sheer curtains set behind block-out curtains, pencil pleats are a beautiful tailored way to dress up your window.

Rainsfords curtains are made in Adelaide to the highest standards.

Here’s what Caroline in St Georges said about our curtains …

“I thought selecting the fabric would be really difficult as I had a very set idea in my mind about what I wanted. Felicity found the exact colour I wanted and the end result was so good I lay in bed the night the curtains were installed and stared at them all night!”

         Decorative pencil pleat curtains