2018 trends for blinds & curtains

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Adelaide … I hope you’re ready for colourful curtains and blinds, because the 2018 trends in textiles tell me you’re going to need your sunglasses!

I’ve recently been catching up with my wonderful textile companies (one definite perk of Blaze fabric by Harlequinthe job) and the one common thread in the trends for 2018 is colour and pattern. Now I’m not sure how ready we are Adelaide, but you should seriously consider throwing caution to the wind and think about how easy it is to make a room look ‘styled’ if you make a statement with colourful curtains and blinds.

Ribbon sheer by HarlequinThe trick to avoid buyers remorse is to let your heart lead the way. Find a fabric you love at first sight. More often than not, you’ll come back to it even if you look at thousands more. Look at fabrics in the colour palate you’re thinking, but keep your mind open to alternate possibilities. If you’re not sure which direction to head in look on Houzz.com to find squillions of images to get you started, then play copy-cat (or put your own spin on things).

So, what’s new and exciting in the textiles world? From Warwick Fabrics, the LumleyAyla fabric by Harlequin Collection is a versatile mix of colour and design and can be used for upholstery or drapery. Another colourful addition to Warwick Fabrics is Kinetic; an almost three dimensional block design. I would love to see roman blinds made up in this one. For a fresh yet playful look try Piazza in a room with neutral walls.

At Mokum Fabrics under the Pegasus banner there are many colourful prints, florals and stripes to indulge in. One of the BEST things about their Zeal fabric by Harlequinweb-site is they have a room setting you can add any of their fabrics to giving you a clear picture of what the final look will be. It is brilliant! So have a play with these … the Richmond Park Collection allows you to mix and match patterns and prints so you can coordinate blinds, curtains and cushions. One of my absolute favourites is the Weekend Collection with Bubbles … a gorgeous way to add colour and pattern to a room. How about something ‘berry’ flavoured? Charnwood in Berry is just what you need!

If you’re not familiar with Harlequin fabrics, please let me introduce you! Harlequin is aFizz fabric by Harlequin UK based fabric, homeware and wall paper company who combine classic and contemporary in unique and inspiring ways. Here are a few of my favourites … Serene is a stunning fabric with horizontal stripes consisting of tiny brush strokes. Fantastic for long luscious curtains! Consider Define sheer in calming blues or turmeric gold to really make your curtains come alive! This pattered sheer is really something different. Add some drama with Zeal in your blinds or curtains. This embroidered fabric has four vibrant colour ways that resemble brush strokes.

Have I got you thinking about colour for your home? With so many colourful fabrics to drool over I know you’ll find the one that you adore!