Blockout blinds for Adelaide conditions

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If you live in Adelaide you’ll know we sweat in summer and shiver in winter! Keeping our homes at a comfortable temperature can be a challenge. Covering your windows with blockout blinds can help reduce the extremes of temperature inside your home.

What is blockout fabric? Blockout fabric are fabrics that do not let any light penetrate through them, therefore they stop 100% of light coming through. The fabric is coated on the back in either a soft flock or acrylic foam. This backing faces the glass of your window giving a uniform look from the outside.

Roller blinds and roman blinds can be made from blockout blind fabric or lined drapery fabric. Flock lined blind fabrics are perfect for either of these blind styles and help to reduce the movement of heat and cool through the glass of the window. Blockout fabrics also provide day and night time privacy and keep your rooms dark.

Perfectly measured blockout blinds will ensure you get the best thermal benefits, with styles that are fitted outside the reveal of the window providing the greatest benefits. Consider blockout roman blinds for bedrooms and rooms needing a more tailored look. Roman blinds generally are installed to cover the whole window and frame when fully down. This helps to block the movement of air around the window.

Consider blockout roller blinds for a modern simple look. These are especially good for living areas. Roller blinds are often installed in the reveal of the window, but can also be installed to fully cover the window for added thermal benefits.

Have a look at some of the blockout fabrics we love: