How to coordinate blind and paint colours

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Are you confused about how to make your wall colour and blinds look good together? Not sure whether to have the colours blend or contrast? Stressing over whether you’ll love the end result?Clarke & Clarke Lombok Collection

These are the problems we solve for our customers everyday, but by considering the information below you’ll find it much easier to end up with the gorgeous look you want.

Do your research … The best way to figure out what you like is to find images of professionally styled rooms you love the look of. If you find something you adore, simply copy it as closely as you can. If you like the look of a few styles, pick your favourite bits. Go to Houzz web-site to start your research, as it has millions of gorgeous images to look at. If you really feel confused about what you like, go to an interior stylist as they will be able to help.

Black roller blinds in west facing windowsBlend or pop … The next thing to consider is whether you want your blinds or curtains to be a feature of the room or whether you want them to blend in with the wall colour. If pale walls are your thing, think about which items in the room will be features and consider the curtains or blinds for this role. When dressing large windows remember there will be vast amounts of whatever colour you place there.

Warm or cool … Think about whether your wall colour has warm tones or cool tones. If a paint has components of red or yellow in it, it will generally be considered a warm colour. If the paint has black, blue or green in it, it will generally be considered a cool colour. Coordinating your wall colour and fabric colour in the same colour tone will give a beautiful finish. Have a go at this paint + fabric selector courtesy of  Dulux and Charles Parson Interiors.S fold curtains Adelaide

Colour psychology … Colours have a huge impact on how we feel, so don’t be shy about introducing your favourite colour into a room. If you already have a piece you love, like a lamp, chair or piece of art work, take inspiration from this for your blinds or curtains. Roman blinds and curtains look fantastic in colour, and if you choose wisely, you’ll love them for years to come!