How to get the perfect timber shutters in Adelaide

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Do you want the perfect style timber shutters? Adelaide homes are perfectly suited to this type of window treatment not only for their classic good looks, but due to their versatility. By knowing your homes style and the timber shutters that suit it, you’ll have a match made in heaven!

Listen to these experts for the essential tips on getting it right. The customers below recently installed timber shutters in their Adelaide homes and now let you in on their secrets!

  1. Bluestone cottage in Norwood – “We recently installed timber shutters in the two front windows of our Norwood cottage. We needed day-time privacy as the cottage is close to the street, and light control in the early mornings as the rooms are bedrooms. We selected the 63mm blade to keep with the age of the home and the hinged panels with framing block out most of the light.”
  2. Sandstone Bungalow in Linden Park – “The front of our home has a sash bay Timber shutters Adelaidewindow and straight window under the porch. We decided on the 89mm blade in Silk White to maximise the amount of light coming into the rooms. The hinged panels line up with the timbers in the windows which gives a clean, seamless look. The framing style suits the age of the house beautifully”.
  3. Contemporary new home in Trinity Gardens – We chose timber shutters for the wet areas and the front of the house. The 89mm Bathroom timber shuttersblades suited the style of the house the best and let in plenty of light. The wet area shutters are good to give extra privacy at night even though the glass is frosted and keep the rooms warm in winter”.
  4. New heritage style home in Highgate – We decided on timber shutters for the front of the house and the upstairs bedrooms. The front of the house is a more classic style but we went with the 89mm blades with hinged panels. The colour of the shutters suits the dado panelling in this part of the house and gives the rooms an very classic look”.
  5. Rendered cottage in Dulwich – We installed timber shutters through-out our homeTimber shutters in Dulwich Adelaide and are very happy with the results. As they are fitted into the window, the rooms appear larger and it they have given us extra space to place furniture. We chose the colour Bright White which looks great with the colour of our timber work. The 89mm blades let in plenty of light but close up tightly to keep the house well insulated”.

The classic style of timber shutters are a clever investment for your home as they will never date. They provide versatility and insulation and will give you the look you want for your home!

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