Insulate with plantation shutters

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With Adelaide’s extreme temperatures it makes sense to select blinds and plantation shutters that will give the best insulation to your home. Professionally fitted plantation shutters are an excellent choice to insulate your home without compromising onPlantation shutters Adelaide style!

Why is it important to insulate windows? Did you know a typical home loses up to 30% of it’s cooling and heating dollars through it’s windows and doors. And as windows generally out number doors in a house, it’s easy to see where you should concentrate your efforts if you want to reduce your power bills in both summer and winter!

Plantation shutters in narrow bedroom windowsPlantation shutters are perfect for solving the energy tug-o-war. Put plainly, wood is an insulator. It traps air in and around it making it perfect to stop the gross movement of air and heat. However, not just any timber window furnishing will keep your home comfortable. Professionally measured and fitted plantation shutters should fit the window like a glove and by doing so, stop drafts and air movement. The blades of the plantation shutter should close up tightly creating a barrier between the glass and the inside of the room. When the plantation shutter is installed, thePlantation shutters in living area installer should fill any gaps around the framing with gaping medium and timber beading. This also gives a beautiful and professional finish to the shutter.

Plantation shutters can also be fitted to bathroom windows for privacy and insulation. Made from the advanced polymers used by the car industry these plantation Plantation shutters Adelaideshutters are perfect for any bathroom or laundry where warmth and beauty are a must.

By coving your windows with professionally fitted plantation shutters you can save yourself a packet on heating and cooling. And let’s face it; they look absolutely gorgeous too! For more energy saving tips click here …