Solar power – protect with blinds!

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The Adelaide summer sun has a nasty habit of fading your flooring, furnishings and more. Sunscreen blinds stop direct sun  from destroying the interior of your home, so you can use solar power for good not evil! Roller blinds over bi-fold doors

What are sunscreen blinds? Sunscreen roller blinds are made from sunscreen fabric. This stops direct sun from reaching your flooring and furnishings which can lead to fading and general damage. The fabric is made either from PVC coated polyester or PVC coated fibre glass and comes in a huge range of single and double woven colours.

Black roller blinds in west facing windowsWhat are the benefits of sunscreen blinds:

  • They stop direct sun without making the room dark
  • They give day-time privacy without blocking your view outside
  • They look good and come in a huge range of colours
  • They can be put behind block-out curtains and roman blinds for privacy and light control.

Consider putting sunscreen blinds in you home for the ultimate in protecting your home from the hot Adelaide sun!