It’s curtains for South Australia!

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So you’re thinking about curtains – South Australia is known for it’s large variety of architecture and with so many curtain styles and fabrics to choose from, you’ll need to know what’s available to ensure you get the exact look you want for your home. Curtains are one of the best solutions for keeping your home beautifully insulated, so it makes sense to consider curtains for your windows!

StylesPinch pleat curtain style

  • Pinch pleat – Pinch pleat curtains have been the classic staple in curtain styles for many years in South Australia. This style suits both modern and traditional homes, and can be made in lined or sheer fabrics. Pinch pleats are often used under pelmets and suit contemporary or traditional fabrics. They are definitely the all rounder of curtain styles!Pencil pleat curtain style
  • Pencil pleat – Pencil pleats look how they sound; like a row of stacked pencils. This pleating suits both lined and sheer fabrics and is often used on the rear track for double curtains due to it’s low profile. For a more casual look the fabric can be pleated so it is less full, but for a more traditional look the fabric must be pleated tightly. Three times fullness will give you this traditional look.Reverse pleat curtain style
  • Reverse pleat – Reverse pleats are one of the new contemporary styles in South Australia. They are best suited to homes with a classic or modern feel. Instead of the pleat protruding forward, it is sewn flat behind the top of the curtain giving the front of the curtain a flat smooth appearance. Reverse pleats suit either standard curtain tracks or more decorative tracks and rods.S fold curtain style
  • S fold style – Turn your home into a hotel all year round with S fold curtains! S fold curtains are not formally pleated as the special track is the key to how these curtains fall. The track holds the flat curtains in a beautiful ‘S’ shape, giving them a full soft look. S fold curtains look best in sheer decorative fabrics but can easily be made in block-out lined fabrics too. This style suits a more modern home and can be made to suit a double track giving the flexibility of privacy and light control.
  • Triple pinch pleat – For the ultimate in traditional grandeur, a triple pinch pleat is Triple pinch pleat curtain styledecorative and sumptuous! This style gives the curtain a full look which can be enhanced by having the fabric ‘pool’ on the floor. Suited to traditional style fabrics, silk and taffeta,  triple pinch pleats can be used with many styles of decorative tracks.


There are thousands of curtain fabrics available in South Australia, so here are some of the best fabric wholesalers to visit when deciding on curtains. By visiting these showrooms you’ll be able to select your favourite fabric, and your curtain company will be able to buy on your behalf. Be sure to take note of the manufacturer, pattern name and pattern colour.

Warwick Fabrics – Warwick Fabrics are an Australian family owned company who have been a household name since the 1960’s. Warwick have an extensive range of drapery and upholstery fabrics to suit any budget. You’ll find them at 103 Wright Street, Adelaide. Click here to view their collections

Mokum – Mokum Textiles are a New Zealand based company with a flair for design and difference. With James Dunlop, Loop and Heptech under the Mokum name you’ll be sure to fall in love with what they have to offer. You’ll find Mokum at 57A Kensington Road, Norwood. Click here to view their collections.

Charles Parsons Interiors – Charles Parsons Interiors is a fourth generation family company who have been designing textiles for interiors since 1915. Recently pairing up with Dulux paints, you can use the paint and fabric selector on their web-site to design the perfect look for your home! You’ll find Charles Parsons Interiors at Suite 2/15 Fullarton Road, Kent Town. Click here to view their collections.

Zepel – Zepel fabrics began as an Australian family own business in 1978, and soon grew to be one of the leading textile companies in Australia. With a passion for quality and affordability, Zepel have a beautiful range to suit any style and budget. You’ll find Zepel at 3/68 King William Street, Kent Town. Click here to view their collections.

Curtains are certainly back and one of the most popular choices for South Australian homes. With so much choice, why wouldn’t you? For more professional advice on curtains and fabrics click here.