What are S fold curtains?

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Love the look of that Adelaide display home you visited on the weekend … then you’ve probably been drooling over gorgeous S fold curtains!S fold Curtains Adelaide

S fold curtains get their name from the shape they create. If you took a birds eye view of an S fold curtain you would see the soft ‘S’ shape created by the specially designed track. The fabric of an S fold is not formally pleated but held in place by the track with special polycarbonate carriers. They are suited to a more modern home and look fantastic in metallic sheer fabrics like Ritz by Mokum or solid linen type fabrics like Terrain by Warwick Fabrics.

Sfold curtains in Adelaide city apartmentWhether you love the look of decorative sheer fabrics or a block-out lined fabric, the S fold track can accommodate either style. If you want the best of both worlds, you can even have a decorative sheer on the front track and block-out lining on the rear. S fold tracks are so versatile!

S fold tracks can be ceiling fixed or wall fixed depending upon the look you want. By ceiling mounting the track you can achieve a dramatic look and help give the impression of a higher ceiling. This also helps block the light bleeding onto the ceiling from the window (excellent for home theatres!)Sfold curtains in Mt Osmond home

S fold tracks are available in numerous colours with white and anodised silver being the most popular. They can be hand drawn or cord drawn, and can allow for a double track.

S fold Tracks AdelaideSo spoilt yourself with a holiday at home everyday by installing beautiful S fold curtains!