What is a roller blind?

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If you’re looking to buy blinds in Adelaide but aren’t sure what’s what, here’s some information that will help set you on track!

Roller blind facts …

  • Roller blinds are made from a flat piece of fabric and rolls straight up and down
  • Roller blinds are operated by either a plastic or metal linked ball chain that is hand drawn
  • The fabric is attached to an aluminium tube at the top of the blind that the fabric rolls around when the blind is raised
  • The fabric is weighted down with a bottom base rail made of aluminium, and is available in a number of different colours and styles
  • Roller blinds can be made from block-out, translucent or sunscreen fabrics
  • Roller blinds are most suited to modern homes or where a simple blind is required
  • Roller blinds can be made up to three metres in width
  • Roller blinds can be motorised